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Hotel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting

Gjurašić (Đurović), Matina; Jaković, Božidar; Tubić, Dejan
Hotel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting // The Macrotheme Review: A multidisciplinary journal of global macro trends, 4 (2015), 6; 50-61 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Hotel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting

Gjurašić (Đurović), Matina ; Jaković, Božidar ; Tubić, Dejan

The Macrotheme Review: A multidisciplinary journal of global macro trends (1848-4735) 4 (2015), 6; 50-61

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Corporate social responsibility, Hotels, Online information dissemination

The corporate social responsibility report has become a very important tool, which can help companies to set up strategies and build their core competencies. With rising consumer awareness regarding corporate responsibility (CR), it is important for the hotel industry to begin profiling their efforts at social responsibility (SR) as part of their overall corporate and business strategies. This paper provides a literature review of corporate social responsibility concept and emphasizes the importance and benefits of implementing it into a practice and publishing it online. Based on the content analysis of websites and reports published online by five star hotels in Dubrovnik during a summer time 2015, this paper identifies the communication methods used by hotel companies as well as the scope of reported information. The findings reveal that only big international hotel chains provide report with details of specific initiatives undertaken to contribute to CSR goals while small independent hotels only mention social responsibility in their vision or mission statements or some of them not even that. Currently, the five stars hotels in Dubrovnik do not effectively use online reporting and for such reason this paper provides some practical implications about reporting of socially responsible activities for hospitality organisations. For more in depth research and data, the interviews with hotel management and survey with hotel employees should be collected in the future.

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