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The efficiency of dentine adhesives in treating non-caries cervical lesions

Pandurić, Vlatko; Knežević, Alena; Tarle, Zrinka; Šutalo, Jozo
The efficiency of dentine adhesives in treating non-caries cervical lesions // Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 28 (2001), 1168-1174 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

The efficiency of dentine adhesives in treating non-caries cervical lesions

Pandurić, Vlatko ; Knežević, Alena ; Tarle, Zrinka ; Šutalo, Jozo

Journal of Oral Rehabilitation (0305-182x) 28 (2001); 1168-1174

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Dentine adhesives; non-caries cervical lesions

The aim of this study was to prove the hypothesis that dentine adhesives can be used as therapeutic material in treating dentine hypersensitivity, regardless of aetiology. The research was conducted on 492 students of Zagreb University School of Dental Medicine. The defects of the tooth neck were found in 38 patients, on 133 teeth and dentine hypersensitivity was recorded according to the subjective sensations of patients. Therapeutic characteristics of three adhesive materials were examined simultaneously: All Bond 2, fourth generation adhesive, Syntac Single Component and One Step, fifth generation adhesives. Teeth treated with dentine lacque Cervitec were used as a control group. Tooth necks were treated with selected materials according to instructions of a manufacturer. A completed statistical survey of the results has clearly shown that dentine adhesives can be used in symptomatic therapy of dentine hypersensitivity of the non-caries cervical lesions. The survey has also shown that dentine adhesives of the fifth generation have much higher efficiency rate than dentine adhesives of the fourth generation and dentine lacquer. According to data complied through this study the conclusion can be brought forward that dentine adhesives are not a final solution to the problem of dentine hypersensitivity, because their efficiency decreases with time.

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Fizika, Kemija


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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb,
Stomatološki fakultet, Zagreb,
Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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