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Applicability of a brucellin skin test in seropositive cattle

Velić, Lejla; Eterović, Toni; Špičić, Silvio; Cvetnić, Željko; Benjamin, Čengić; Selma, Filipović; Nejra, Hadžimusić; Dženita, Hadžijunuzović-Alagić; , Tarik, Bajrović
Applicability of a brucellin skin test in seropositive cattle // Veterinarska stanica, 50 (2019), 1; 11-17 (recenziran, članak, znanstveni)

Applicability of a brucellin skin test in seropositive cattle

Velić, Lejla ; Eterović, Toni ; Špičić, Silvio ; Cvetnić, Željko ; Benjamin, Čengić ; Selma, Filipović ; Nejra, Hadžimusić ; Dženita, Hadžijunuzović-Alagić ; , Tarik, Bajrović

Veterinarska stanica (0350-7149) 50 (2019), 1; 11-17

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Brucellin ; brucellosis ; Brucella skin test

Brucellosis is an infectious disease that affects livestock and may be transmitted to humans. Cattle may become infected with Brucella spp. by various routes, and the pathogens induce both humoral and cellular immune responses in the host organism. The aim of this study was to determine the characteristics of the cellular immune response by using a brucellin allergen in serologically positive cows, and to differentiate cross-reactions from true positive animals, and to contribute to improvement of the overall diagnostics of bovine brucellosis in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Using the Rose Bengal Test (RBT) and Complement Fixation Test (CFT) as a combined reference standard (CRS), seropositive (n=15) and seronegative (n=14)groups were defined. Cows from both groups were subjected to the Brucellin Skin Test (BST). By comparing CRS and BST results, we estimated the relative sensitivity and specificity at 93.3% and 100% for BST, respectively. The ROC analysis indicated a good accuracy score for BST of 0.9, while the calculated kappa statistic of 0.94 indicated excellent diagnostic agreement between BST and CRS. The importance of BST application may be found in the increased efficacy of diagnostics of latent brucellosis in cow populations in the country and improving the discrimination of cross-reactions caused by microorganisms with a similar antigen response in host organisms.

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