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Project performance aspects in transition economies

Radujković, Mladen; Zupančič, Dušan; Parova, Maria
Project performance aspects in transition economies // Procedings of 2001 CIB World Building Congress / John R Duncan (ur.).
Wellington: CIB, 2001. str. 19.1-19.10 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Project performance aspects in transition economies

Radujković, Mladen ; Zupančič, Dušan ; Parova, Maria

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Procedings of 2001 CIB World Building Congress / John R Duncan - Wellington : CIB, 2001, 19.1-19.10

CIB World Building Congress

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Wellington, Novi Zeland, 02-06.04.2001

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Transition economy; construction project; performance

The paper describes the present state of the process of economy transition in ex socialist countries and its influence on construction project performance, time and cost. Transition is a global change of political, economic and social components of a society. Transitional changes including those influencing the market, companies and individuals have been described here. The first part of the paper describes the transition changes together with the main characteristics of the previous economic system. The origins and spectre of political and economical changes are discussed, as well as main consequences dictating and governing the present market conditions. Such an environment had very specific influences on the project management process, which in turn has affected performance, effectiveness, time and cost criteria. The role and status of project stakeholders and business entity are particularly commented with respect to the influence on project realisation. The position of the individual within the processes of transition is also highlighted. The analyses of the present state in the construction sector show significant influence of transition process. The process of adopting necessary knowledge, experience, laws and acts and other supporting items should be done systematically through the market changes. However, it should be done together with parallel changes within companies and in mentality of people working in the construction business. Operating under transition pressure, with so many changes, in a risky environment, facing a shortage of money on the market, lacking necessary management skills, ... , becomes an art of survival. However, the only successful way is leading to new projects and adopting international criteria and standards for measuring success. In that way all stakeholders are strongly invited to support the process of innovation and especially to satisfy the expectations of the transition society for development and progress. Respective examples of the effects changes on GDP, construction share in GP, employment in construction and number of firms registered for construction business for three countries in transition are registered and enclosed. These enclosed data are taken from three transition countries, namely: Croatia, Slovenia and Czech Republic. The final part of the paper discusses the measures to be taken in order to achieve the project performance improvement. The authors present the idea of necessary continuous improvement process within the construction sector in economies in transition. Balance between the present state needs and capabilities can be reached only by adopting international standards and criteria. At the present time some expectations and ideas are designed, but their implementation is still far from a satisfying level or internationally recognized standards. Sustainability, maintainability, flexibility, as well as production cost and time, are still critical issues. The problems of construction project cost and time overruns and/or delays are evidenced as particularly significant negative factors. The authors support the need for implementation of new construction management directions through an improved approach to project performance in transition markets. A possible sequence and list of improvements within performance criteria is enclosed. Although being a long-term process, there is a lot of space for some emergency steps and actions such as improvement support. The positive effects of change can become much greater and faster if project management experts and professional PM associations take part and provide guidance.

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Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb

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Mladen Radujković, (117390)