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1st and 2nd International Doctoral Seminar in the field of Geodesy, Geoinformatics and Geospace

1st and 2nd International Doctoral Seminar in the field of Geodesy, Geoinformatics and Geospace, Zagreb: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, 2019 (zbornik)

1st and 2nd International Doctoral Seminar in the field of Geodesy, Geoinformatics and Geospace

Đapo, Almin ; Poslončec-Petrić, Vesna

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy





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Doctoral seminar, Geodesy, Geoinformatics, Geospace

Internationalization of studying and excellence in science are today not any more question of prestige but the necessity for all academic institutions, professors and students. This fact is especially pronounced in running postgraduate doctoral studies, respectively in scientific and research work of doctoral candidates in the frame of those studies. We can freely say that modern, attractive and internationally recognized postgraduate doctoral study today can be envisaged without those settings. Faculty of Geodesy University of Zagreb has recognized this fact and decided to make step forward in execution of Postgraduate doctoral study Geodesy and Geoinformatics in order to raise the level of its own study excellence and international high-quality and attractive study, enabling them, when they finish it, successfully to position themselves in professional surrounding as top experts in Croatia and anywhere in the world. One of the recognized measures as necessity and opportunity was launching of the doctoral seminar which will have an international character and highlighted interdisciplinarity, meaning that it will not be restricted on geodesy and geoinformatics studies and students. With the University of Zagreb strategic partners Technical University Munich and Catholic University Leuven support, in cooperation with the University of Zagreb rectorate and using University complementary advantages, like Centre for Advanced Academic Studies in Dubrovnik, we have launched International doctoral seminar in the field of geodesy, geoinformatics and geospace. The first seminar has been held in May 2017, and we have repeated it in May 2018, with the intention Seminar to become a permanent activity of the Postgraduate doctoral study of the Faculty of Geodesy. Response on the International doctoral seminar, which has immediately attracted attention in broader region and results of participants satisfaction evaluation, has shown to us that organization of such seminar is an activity which is necessary and justified for raising the excellence of our study and students. Thereby, we should also not neglect the inspiring ambience of the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies and the beauty of the town Dubrovnik, which has created a unique feeling for superior scientific engagement in a relaxed atmosphere. This Book of Abstract of 1st and 2nd International doctoral seminar, gives an overview of scientific researches of PhD students which attended the seminar, and represents next step in excellence and study internationalization fostering, promoting cooperation in research work between students and professors-mentors on the Faculty of Geodesy as well as on other academic institutions in the region and Europe.

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Geodetski fakultet, Zagreb