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Preanalytical factors in parathyroid hormone measurement

Božović, Marija; Vrtarić, Alen; Miler, Marijana; Culej, Jelena; Nikolac Gabaj, Nora
Preanalytical factors in parathyroid hormone measurement // Biochemia Medica
Zagreb, Hrvatska, 2018. str. S88-S89 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Preanalytical factors in parathyroid hormone measurement

Božović, Marija ; Vrtarić, Alen ; Miler, Marijana ; Culej, Jelena ; Nikolac Gabaj, Nora

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Biochemia Medica / - , 2018, S88-S89

9. kongres Hrvatskog društva za medicinsku biokemiju i laboratorijsku medicinu (HDMBLM) s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem

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Zagreb, Hrvatska, 9.-12. svibnja 2018

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Parathyroid hormone ; preanalytica phase ; sample stability

Introduction: Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is peptide responsible for regulating calcium blood concentrations and is known to have very short half-life. Croatian national guidelines for venipuncture state that samples should be placed on ice immediately after drawing when PTH is ordered. Aim of our study was to investigate PTH stability in serum samples immediately and 4 hours after venipuncture with and without ice using two methods. Materials and methods: This study was carried out in Department of Clinical Chemistry, Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia. Twenty outpatients participated and for each patient, two serum blood samples were drawn in tubes with serum clot activator without gel separator (Vacuette, GrainerBio- One, Kremsmünster, Austria). One tube was immediately placed on ice and second was left on room temperature. After 30 minutes, samples were centrifuged at 1800xg for 10 minutes, PTH concentration was measured on Abbott Architect i2000SR (Abbott, Abbott Park, IL, USA) and Roche Cobas e411 (Roche, Mannheim, Germany) using original reagents (second generation PTH immunoassay). Samples which were not drawn on ice were left for 4 hours on room temperature and analyzed again on both analyzers. For statistical evaluation Bland Altman analysis was done using MedCalc statistical software (MedCalc software, Ostend, Belgium). Constant and proportional bias was evaluated by comparing 95% confidence interval limits with 0. Results: Our results have shown that there was no statistical significant difference in PTH concentration from samples drawn on ice and those left on room temperature before centrifugation on both analyzers. However, for samples left 4 hours at room temperature, Bland-Altman analysis showed constant and proportional statistical significant difference for both methods (7.8 pg/mL, 11.4% for Abbott and 3.8 pg/mL, 6.9% for Roche, respectively). Conclusion: Samples do not have to be placed on ice immediately after sampling, however, samples have to be analyzed within 4 hours.

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