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Palatal Foreign Body - A Case Report

Šumilin, Lada; Žužul, Ivona; Muhaxheri, Granita; Andabak Rogulj, Ana; Vidović Juras, Danica; Lončar Brzak, Božana
Palatal Foreign Body - A Case Report // Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 28 (2018), 9; 1-4 (međunarodna recenzija, prikaz, stručni)

Palatal Foreign Body - A Case Report

Šumilin, Lada ; Žužul, Ivona ; Muhaxheri, Granita ; Andabak Rogulj, Ana ; Vidović Juras, Danica ; Lončar Brzak, Božana

Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research (2456-8899) 28 (2018), 9; 1-4

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Radovi u časopisima, prikaz, stručni

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Clinical examination ; diagnosis ; foreign body ; oral mucosa

Aims: Foreign bodies exerted in the palatal mucosa are extremely rare in clinical work. The aim of this case report was to describe a case of foreign body in the palate of an infant and to highlight that foreign bodies must be considered in the differential diagnosis of palatal lesions found in children. Presentation of Case: A healthy 12-month child was brought by his parents to the Department of Oral Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, since the mother accidentally noticed something in the child's mouth, a week before. The child's pediatrician and the doctor of dental medicine had examined the child and referred him for CT scan and examination at department of maxillofacial surgery. The lesion was hard on palpation and it bothered him while feeding. The child's medical history was non contributory and he was not taking any medication.Clinical examination revealed an oval white lesion in central hard palate, smooth and hard on palpation. Surrounding mucosa appeared normal. While mother was holding the child, we opened his mouth and examined the edges of the lesion with the instrumentHeidemann spatula. The lesion suddenly started to separate from palatal mucosa until it had completely falle be an artificial nail. Discussion and Conclusion: Besides local trauma, foreign bodies of oral mucosa are potentially lethal because of the risk of ingestion or obstruction of respiratory tract. Differential diagnosis of palatal lesions in children should include a possible foreign body. A thorough clinican prevent unecessary diagnostic procedures and misdiagnosis.

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