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Saint Martin Space and Its Cultural Perspective

Zaradija Kiš, Antonija
Saint Martin Space and Its Cultural Perspective // Sacralization of landScape and Sacred placeS / Belaj, Juraj (ur.).
Zagreb: Institut za arheologiju u Zagrebu., 2018. str. 403-413

Saint Martin Space and Its Cultural Perspective

Zaradija Kiš, Antonija

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Sacralization of landScape and Sacred placeS

Belaj, Juraj

Institut za arheologiju u Zagrebu.



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Europe, Saint Martin, Cultural Route, Dugo Selo, Lovčić

Based on the guidelines of cultural and religious anthropology, the paper shall present the European project Saint Martin of Tours, a European, a Symbol of Sharing, Joint Value as a specific form of revitalisation of the cult and tradition of Saint Martin the Bishop, i.e. the Saint Martin sacred space. The project that has been supported by the Council of Europe and European Institute of Cultural Routes was inaugurated in the biggest European Saint Martin centre, in the town of Tours on the Loire river, whence it has spread and strengthened in the wider European geographical area over the period of one decade. The entire project is conceived on the extremely strong tradition and cult of Saint Martin, the Early Christian saint from the 4th century, whose religious Christian basis has been built up by the multiple contents of the cultural route. The most prominent is the promotion of sharing that is developing the consciousness about the caring for others in the broader context of fellowship, which is highlighted through designing a new way of living and thinking about Saint Martin space in its entirety. In this paper we would try to discern how and to what extent it has been achieved by now and what the perspective of current deliberation is by looking for answers to the question of the cultural route as a reinterpretation of the Saint Martin heritage in the 21st century.

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Povijest, Arheologija


Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku, Zagreb

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Antonija Zaradija-Kiš, (89025)