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Empathy and moral development: Implications for caring and justice

Raboteg-Šarić, Zora
Empathy and moral development: Implications for caring and justice // Contemporary Sociology - A Journal of Reviews, 30 (2001), 5; 487-488 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prikaz, ostalo)

Empathy and moral development: Implications for caring and justice

Raboteg-Šarić, Zora

Contemporary Sociology - A Journal of Reviews 30 (2001), 5; 487-488

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Empathy; moral development; prosocial development; caring; justice principle

In this article Hoffman's theory of the development of empathy and moral internalization is reviewed. The theory extends into a comprehensive theory of prosocial moral development that links its emotional/motivational, cognitive, and behavioral dimensions. The author examines five prototypic moral encounters that may give rise to empathic distress and its derivatives. They range from simple situations where one is an innocent bystander, one is a transgressor, real or virtual-to more complex situations that involve multiple claimants where the individual is forced to choose which victims to help and which to ignore, and caring versus justice dilemmas where one must choose between helping an individual or following a moral principle. Hoffman's book on the relationship between empathy and moral development confronts a wide range of theoretical and empirical issues and provides a well-conceptualized and clearly structured agenda for future research.

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Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

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Zora Raboteg-Šarić, (99796)

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