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Multi-(myco)toxins in malting and brewing by- products

Mastanjević, Kristina; Lukinac, Jasmina; Jukić, Marko; Šarkanj, Bojan; Krstanović, Vinko; Mastanjević, Krešimir
Multi-(myco)toxins in malting and brewing by- products // Toxins, 11 (2019), 1; 1-15 doi:10.3390/toxins11010030 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Multi-(myco)toxins in malting and brewing by- products

Mastanjević, Kristina ; Lukinac, Jasmina ; Jukić, Marko ; Šarkanj, Bojan ; Krstanović, Vinko ; Mastanjević, Krešimir

Toxins (2072-6651) 11 (2019), 1; 1-15

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Multi-toxins ; mycotoxins ; malting and brewing by-products ; animal feed

Fungi, yeasts, and bacteria are common microorganisms on cereals used in malting and brewing industries. These microorganisms are mostly associated with the safety and quality of malt and beer, but also with the health safety of by-products used in animal nutrition. The real problem is their harmful metabolites— toxins that, due to their thermostable properties, can easily be transferred to malting and brewing by-products. Besides fungal metabolites, other toxins originating from plants can be harmful to animal health. Precise and accurate analytical techniques broadened the spectrum of known toxins originating from microorganisms and plants that can pose a threat to animal health. Multi-(myco)toxin analyses are advanced and useful tools for the assessment of product safety, and legislation should follow up and make some important changes to regulate yet unregulated, but highly occurring, microbial and plant toxins in malting and brewing by-products used for animal feed.

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