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Measurement of Electric Fields Emitted by Household Appliances

Mandrić Radivojević, Vanja; Rupčić, Slavko; Lijović, Ante
Measurement of Electric Fields Emitted by Household Appliances // Science in Practice
Budimpešta, Mađarska, 2018. str. 1-12 (ostalo, nije recenziran, cjeloviti rad (in extenso))

Measurement of Electric Fields Emitted by Household Appliances

Mandrić Radivojević, Vanja ; Rupčić, Slavko ; Lijović, Ante

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), ostalo

Science in Practice / - , 2018, 1-12

Science in Practice 2018

Mjesto i datum
Budimpešta, Mađarska, 22-23.11.2018

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EM radiation ; Household Appliances ; Standard ; Electric Field Limits

Each electric device emits electromagnetic (EM) energy. If the radiated energy exceeds the safety level, it may affect the performance of other electrical devices. This influence of the device whose radiation is observed manifests in a way that degrades or even disables the operation of other devices. It is important to note that the radiated energy can be harmful to the health of living organisms near the radiating devices. In order to have such values of electric field strength controlled, the field amounts must be standardized. The radiation of household appliances is standardized by HRN EN 55014, which defines the limit values for different groups of devices. When measuring the EMI of a device, it is necessary to define the measurement requirements, identify the device, check the feasibility of the measurement, define the activity, and plan the measurement. Several types of household appliances have been reported in the paper, the application of the rules, regulations and instructions contained in the standard is presented. Measurements included the strength of the electric field of household appliances most commonly used in households: hair dryers, air styler, hendheld blenders, hand mixers, cordless drill and hammer drill. The purpose of this paper is to determine the amount of electric field strengths that radiate frequently used home appliances and to check whether radiation is within the limits permitted by HRN EN 55014. The results of the measurement from the point of view of the prescribed boundary levels were analyzed at the end of the paper.

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