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Phytochemical Composition of Volatile Compounds of Armeria canescens

Ruščić, Mirko; Peroš, Ivana; Dunkić, Valerija
Phytochemical Composition of Volatile Compounds of Armeria canescens // Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 54 (2018), 6; 1172-1173 doi:10.1007/s10600-018-2585-7 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Phytochemical Composition of Volatile Compounds of Armeria canescens

Ruščić, Mirko ; Peroš, Ivana ; Dunkić, Valerija

Chemistry of Natural Compounds (0009-3130) 54 (2018), 6; 1172-1173

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Armeria canescens ; essential oil ; piperitenone ; p-vinyl guaiacol

The genus Armeria (Plumbaginaceae) contains approximately 120 species, five of which have been recorded on the Balkan Peninsula. Several Armeria species are widespread in Croatia, including Armeria canescens (Host) Boiss, one of the mesothermal halophyte species that are widely distributed in Central Asia and the Mediterranean. In Croatia, it grows in a grassland association that builds along with the plant species Festuca rupicola and Festuca valesiaca Schl. This association grows on the surface of sinkholes and karst fields along the Dinara mountains. We conducted a phytochemical analysis of A. canescens (in Croatian, “babina svila”) with a specific focus on its volatile compounds. Only a few articles have been published on the secondary metabolites and morphology of members of the genus Armeria. Total yield of volatile compounds (oil) was 0.05%, based on sample dry weight. Thirty-one compounds represented 87.9% of the total oil. The oil of A. canescens was characterized by a high concentration of diterpene alcohol phytol (29.2%). The major compounds were the oxygenated monoterpene piperitenone (14.4%) and the phenolic compound p-vinyl guaiacol (12.9%). Previous research on A. canescens has focused on the morphological and functional aspects of salt glands. The results of the present study provide additional knowledge about the phytochemical composition of the volatile compounds of a member of the genus Armeria.

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