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Integrated Reporting-Concept and Impact on Performance of Croatian Companies

Vitezić, Neda; Petrlić, Antonija
Integrated Reporting-Concept and Impact on Performance of Croatian Companies // Journal of Accounting and Management, 8 (2018), 1; 71-82 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Integrated Reporting-Concept and Impact on Performance of Croatian Companies

Vitezić, Neda ; Petrlić, Antonija

Journal of Accounting and Management (2459-5888) 8 (2018), 1; 71-82

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Integrated reporting ; performance ; Croatian companies

Integrated reporting is a combination of financial and non-financial information intended primarily for external stakeholders. However, it is also an effective management control tool, as it promotes integrated thinking, strengthens the company’s reputation and overall success. The aim of this paper is to investigate the extent to which The International <IR> Framework (IR) is recognized in Croatian companies and whether a higher level of efficiency encourages companies to socially more responsible performance. The starting point is The International <IR> Framework whose concept is analytically expound with a critical review of the distinction between reporting on social responsibility and the concept of integrated reporting. The empirical research included companies from Zagreb Stock Exchange and those companies that are members of Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR BCSD). The research is based on the data collected from Amadeus base, Annual Financial Statements Registry of FINA and company’s websites. A content analysis of 138 companies is conducted according to their repots and performance by selected relevant indicators. The results confirm that companies that more transparently report about their results through data on economic, environmental and social aspect of business have greater efficiency measured by financial results. Furthermore, the results show that these same companies, in addition to the economic aspect pay more attention to ecological and less to social indicators in their reports.

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Ekonomski fakultet, Rijeka

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