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Agrometeorology in Croatia

Vučetić, Višnjica; Vučetić, Marko
Agrometeorology in Croatia // Biological rhythm research, 50 (2018), 2; 287-297 doi:10.1080/09291016.2018.1518869 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Agrometeorology in Croatia

Vučetić, Višnjica ; Vučetić, Marko

Biological rhythm research (0929-1016) 50 (2018), 2; 287-297

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Agrometeorological research and forecast ; phenology ; forest protection against fire
(Agrometeorological research and forecast, phenology, forest protection against fire)

Meteorological and Hydrological Service was established 70 years ago and agrometeorological activities (soil temperature measurements and phenological observations) started in 1951. Scientific research is divided into an agricultural meteorology, forest meteorology and plant phenology. The basic purpose of research is the impact of regional climate change on the crop production, on the phenological stages of different plants as forest trees and shrubs, fruit-trees, olive-trees, grapevine and maize, and on the potential wildfire risk. In the operational tasks short-range and medium-range forecasts have been produced for TV and internet since 2004, radio since 1990 and specialized journals since 1988. For further development of Croatian agrometeorology, future plans are using monthly and seasonal forecasts for prediction of the development of yield of major agricultural crops, for irrigation purposes, as well as for potential risk of wildfires and applying satellite data and nowcasting for warning purposes in agriculture and in forest protection against fire.

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