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A Low-cost Electrostimulator for anorectal Malformation Surgery

Todorić, Davor; Musić, Josip; Čoko, Duje; Meštrović, Jakov; Šušnjar, Tomislav; Todorić, Jakov; Milunović, Klaudio Pjer; Furlan, Dubravko; Budimir, Dražen; Pogorelić, Zenon et al.
A Low-cost Electrostimulator for anorectal Malformation Surgery // 8th Croatian Congress of Pediatric Surgery / Bahtijarević, Zoran (ur.).
Vodice, Hrvatska, 2018. str. 172-172 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

A Low-cost Electrostimulator for anorectal Malformation Surgery

Todorić, Davor ; Musić, Josip ; Čoko, Duje ; Meštrović, Jakov ; Šušnjar, Tomislav ; Todorić, Jakov ; Milunović, Klaudio Pjer ; Furlan, Dubravko ; Budimir, Dražen ; Pogorelić, Zenon ; Jukić, Miro ; Barić, Tomislav ; Elezović Baloević, Sara

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8th Croatian Congress of Pediatric Surgery / Bahtijarević, Zoran - , 2018, 172-172

8th Croatian Congress of Pediatric Surgery with International Participation

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Vodice, Hrvatska, 03-06.10.2018

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Anorectal malformation ; electrostimulator ; surgery

AIM: Anorectal anomalies (AA) are infrequent anomalies in newborns. During the AA operation, stimulation of the anal muscle complex (AMC) should be performed in order to accurately determine its position and to allow precise placement of the final rectal part within its boundaries. The importance of this procedure is confirmed by the fact that the child has only one chance for a successful surgical procedure that will determine its future quality of life. All the above emphasizes the need for a reliable electrostimulator that will enable diagnostics of the AMC while on the other side the low incidence of AA often does not justify the cost-effectiveness of purchase of a much more expensive commercial electrostimulators for this purpose. Therefore, our institution cooperating with experts from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) have decided to construct an electrostimulator that provides a constant current output with the stimulation pulses which both can be adjusted. MATERIALS AND METHODS: After studying available literature, construction of the electrostimulator started at FESB, which then successfully passed the testing phase on laboratory animals. The new electrostimulator was compared with the current device for the AMC stimulation during AA surgery. Types of abnormalities included were two anal atresias with perianal fistula and two anal atresias with rectovestibular fistulas. RESULTS: The subjective impressions of the surgical team is that the newly constructed device proved to be more efficient and reliable in the AMC determination, while the dimensions, capability of the device enable us easier and more comfortable work. There were no intraoperative or postoperative complications. CONCLUSION: New electrostimulator has proved to be more effective and safer than current devices without the need for much more expensive commercial electrostimulators. Additionally, the work on the device provided us with a positive experience of cooperation with FESB experts.

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Elektrotehnika, Kliničke medicinske znanosti


Fakultet elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje, Split,
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