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Biomarkers in exosomes in cattle diseases

Gomes de Pontes, Leticia; Festa Sabes, Amanda; Galan, Asier; Nižić Bilić, Petra; Guillemin, Nicolas; Kuleš, Josipa; Horvatić, Anita; Seabra Ferreira Junior, Rui; Barraveira, Benito; Mrljak, Vladimir et al.
Biomarkers in exosomes in cattle diseases // Proceedings of the Fifth DairyCare Conference 2018
Thessaloniki, Grčka, 2018. str. 51-51 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Biomarkers in exosomes in cattle diseases

Gomes de Pontes, Leticia ; Festa Sabes, Amanda ; Galan, Asier ; Nižić Bilić, Petra ; Guillemin, Nicolas ; Kuleš, Josipa ; Horvatić, Anita ; Seabra Ferreira Junior, Rui ; Barraveira, Benito ; Mrljak, Vladimir ; Eckersall, Peter David ; Delazari dos Santos, Lucilene

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Proceedings of the Fifth DairyCare Conference 2018 / - , 2018, 51-51

Fifth DairyCare Conference 2018

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Thessaloniki, Grčka, 29.-.20.03.2018

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Biomarkers, cattle, exosome

Exosomes are small vesicles with a diameter varying between 40 and 100 nm, produced by the endocytic system. Recent interest in exosomes is attributed to their role in the spread of pathogenic organisms, as well as their role in promoting and regulating the immune response. The objective of this work was raise new approaches related to the exososomes in cattle diseases, their formation, function and their relevance for the use of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and during the parasite- host interaction in cattle diseases. The analyzes revealed that exosomes have been attributed to different biological functions, among them are the influence on the immune system, transfer of receptors from one cell to another, as well as the delivery of specific mRNAs and miRNAs. Exosomes also facilitate the transport and dissemination of pathogens. Its analysis has been described in diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The isolation of miRNAs from easily and non-invasively obtained serum exosomes with subsequent characterization of the miRNA expression patterns is promising for the development of future biomarkers of the diagnosis and prognosis of various in cattle diseases. Based on the currently available data, exosomes seem to reflect the diverse functional and dysfunctional states of the releasing cells and tissues along the complete individual pathogenetic pathways underlying metabolic diseases. A critical step in further validation of exosomes as biomarkers will rely on the identification of unequivocal correlations between critical disease states and specific exosomes signatures, which in future may be determined in rapid and convenient fashion using nanoparticle-driven biosensors.

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