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Optimal selection of coaxial ring systems in environmental electrostatic shielding

Raicevic, Nebojsa B.; Aleksic, Slavoljub R.; Hederic, Željko; Barukcic, Marinko; Iatcheva, Ilona
Optimal selection of coaxial ring systems in environmental electrostatic shielding // Compel, 37 (2018), 4; 1418-1435 doi:10.1108/compel-09-2017-0372 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Optimal selection of coaxial ring systems in environmental electrostatic shielding

Raicevic, Nebojsa B. ; Aleksic, Slavoljub R. ; Hederic, Željko ; Barukcic, Marinko ; Iatcheva, Ilona

Compel (0332-1649) 37 (2018), 4; 1418-1435

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Functional ; Differential evolution optimization method ; Elliptic integrals ; Newton iterative method

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to present a new calculation method for increasing the shielded volume in which the external electromagnetic field is maximally reduced. In a space shielded in the way mentioned in this paper, it is possible to introduce measurement instruments and increase the accuracy of results obtained with them, as well as reduce the risk of unwanted electrostatic field influence on living organisms. Design/methodology/approach A new numerical procedure for the optimization of the coaxial ring conductor system for electrostatic shielding is developed in the paper. The optimization of the functional that consists of electrostatic energy density and a system of equations derived from the equipotential character of the conductor system is used. The system of nonlinear equations is obtained and then numerically solved by minimizing this functional. The first presented optimization procedure is based on the analytical optimization method using the Lagrange coefficients and gradient of the objective function. Findings It is possible to design a large number of protective ring formations. Applying the differential evolution optimization method, an optimal arrangement can be obtained for any specific number of rings. The differential evolution optimization method, which belongs to the class of evolutionary algorithms, is used for solving this very complex optimization problem. In combination with the above- mentioned method, excellent results in the elimination of the external electric field have been obtained. Although a larger number of rings provides more efficient protection, this number is limited from the economic point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a compromise between the number of rings, the size of volume shielded and the quality of protection. Research limitations/implications There are few papers that address this problem, although the elimination of the influence of the external electromagnetic field has gained more importance lately. The presented method can be applied to increase the reliability of measured data, protection of the environment, in space research, etc. The main limiting factor for using a larger number of rings that provide better protection is the economical one. Originality/value The proposed method is suitable for the generalization of procedures, for the protection of the space where the external electric field needs to be reduced or eliminated.

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Rad je prezentiran na skupu XIX International Symposium on Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Technische Universitat Ilmenau, 2017 te je sažetak rada objavljen u zborniku sažetaka skupa.


Fakultet elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija Osijek

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