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Pediatric ear, nose and throat infections

Skitarelić, Nataša; Skitarelić, Neven
Pediatric ear, nose and throat infections // 20th Rhinocamp
Marmaris, Turska, 2018. str. 5-5 (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

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Pediatric ear, nose and throat infections

Skitarelić, Nataša ; Skitarelić, Neven

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20th Rhinocamp / - , 2018, 5-5

20th Rhinocamp

Mjesto i datum
Marmaris, Turska, 09.-13.05.2018

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ear nose throat infections ; children

Upper respiratory tract infections are most commonly acute illnesses in children who visit a pediatrician in primary care on daily basis. Epidemiologic analysis show that more than 50% of children are coming due to acute upper respiratory infections. In the first five years of life, children have an average of six to nine acute infections per year. About 10% of them have twelve infections per year. This is especially true for children who visit nurseries and kindergartens. Taking a good history is vital skill in pediatric practice. The history can often lead to diagnosis without needing to perform extensive examination or investigations. The history can be taken from a parents, a carer or from a child. Methods of investigation in primary pediatric care include otoscopy for diseases such as otitis media, ear perforation and ear discharge, throat examination for any sign of tonsillitis or pharyngitis, with our without nasal discharge, and palpation of head and neck. Appropriate investigations such as X-rays, microbiology culture and sensitivity, serum laboratory tests are performed when it is necessary. In preschool children the most common ear, nose and throat (ENT) infections are otitis media, otitis serosa, throat and adenoid infection. In school children rhinosinusitis and the common disorders of ear, nose and throat are usually seen. Older children will often complain of earache, cough and cold, sore throat, whereas infants become irritable and pull at the affected ear. A high fever is often present and may be associated with systemic symptoms of infection. Althought viral infection is most important in the pathogenesis of mentioned diseases, some cases will develop subsequent bacterial colonization. Tonsillitis, sinusitis and acute otitis media are diseases most commonly associated with overmedication, so the use of antimicrobial drugs should be avoided unless child belongs to a high risk group for complications or symptoms persist or worsen despite symptomatic treatment. Physicians sholud have better knowledge about natural evolution of acute upper respiratory infections. Otitis media, peritonsillary abscess and acute sinusitis are most common diagnoses and leading cause of emergency hospital admission for children. Conclusions: For pediatrician it is necessary to understand the etiology of ENT infections, recognize and diagnose the most common ear, nose and throat infections. Also it is necessary to be familiar with treatment guidelines for common of this infections including when to refer to ENT specialists. However, some of these infections have the potential to develop into life –threatening disease.

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Skitarelić, Nataša; Skitarelić, Neven
Pediatric ear, nose and throat infections // 20th Rhinocamp
Marmaris, Turska, 2018. str. 5-5 (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)
Skitarelić, N. & Skitarelić, N. (2018) Pediatric ear, nose and throat infections. U: 20th Rhinocamp.
@article{article, year = {2018}, pages = {5-5}, keywords = {ear nose throat infections, children}, title = {Pediatric ear, nose and throat infections}, keyword = {ear nose throat infections, children}, publisherplace = {Marmaris, Turska} }

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