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Use of the Foster-Niemann Equation in Study of the Enzymic Processes

Marković, Ivan; Topolovec, Velimir; Marković-Devčić, Branka; Marić, Vladimir
Use of the Foster-Niemann Equation in Study of the Enzymic Processes // Food Technology and Biotechnology, 39 (2001), 4; 347-352 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Use of the Foster-Niemann Equation in Study of the Enzymic Processes

Marković, Ivan ; Topolovec, Velimir ; Marković-Devčić, Branka ; Marić, Vladimir

Food Technology and Biotechnology (1330-9862) 39 (2001), 4; 347-352

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Foster-Nieman equation; enzyme kinetics; proteinase; cellulase; beta-glucosidase; amylase

The Foster-Niemann equation enables the analysis of kinetic data from long-term enzymic reactions in which products of the reaction inhibit a process. In this way the inevitable errors in estimation of initial rates, needed for reaction constants calculation, can be avoided. Initially, Foster-Niemann equation was used in reevaluation of the kinetic constants of previously studied specific substrates of a-chymotrypsin. Enzymic hydrolysis of biopolymers are very complex, and reaction products generally inhibit the reaction. There-fore, the equations was very useful both in the preliminary studies of unknown processes and in the elucidation of the reaction mechanisms. In the processes in which soluble enzyme reacts with insoluble substrate the basic Foster-Niemann equation was modified for the reactions in heterogeneous systems. Thus, the appropriate forms of the Foster-Niemann equation were employed in the study of starch, cellulose, cellobiose, barley 1, 3 and 1, 4-beta-D-glucan and protein hydrolysis. By means of these equations the reaction mechanisms were elucidated, the kinetic constants evaluated and kinetic and mathematical models of the reaction systems developed.

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Biotehnologija, Prehrambena tehnologija


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Prehrambeno-biotehnološki fakultet, Zagreb

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