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Visual Cultures and Education

Jandrić, Petar; Lacković, Nataša
Visual Cultures and Education // Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory / Peters, Michael (ur.).
Singapore: Springer Singapore, 2018. str. 1-6 doi:10.1007/978-981-287-532-7_677-1

Visual Cultures and Education

Jandrić, Petar ; Lacković, Nataša

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Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

Peters, Michael

Springer Singapore



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Visual cultures, education, algorithm

Visual Culture Studies critically explore the relationships between visuality and culture in the context of various media such as photographs, posters, films, advertisements, paintings, fashion items, comics, news media, monuments, videos, digital social media, and others. Visual Culture Studies tackle how artifacts that strongly engage the act of seeing function in the society and culture and explore the who, what, why, where, and how of their meaning-making. Visual Culture thus explores the interconnectedness between visual artifacts and the human condition signified by individual and collective sociocultural, economic, and sociodemographic attributes and identities. The field of Visual Culture Studies has emerged over a few decades at the end of the twentieth century. Its generally accepted founding books, such as The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century (Alpers 1983), located the visual in the historical, sociocultural, and cognitive contexts firmly imbued within the past. A bit earlier, John Berger’s seminal BBC series Ways of Seeing (Berger et al. 1972) (among others) brought into the fore the critical considerations of visual meaning-making in relation to the present, emphasizing the ideological rooting of visual artifacts and the hegemony of Western interpretative discourse. A critical stance in exploring visual culture is adopted by contemporary thinkers such as Mieke Bal, W.J.T. Mitchell, Vivian Sobchack, Lisa Cartwright, Giuliana Bruno, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Martin Jay, Mark Cheetham, Hal Foster, Michael Ann Holly, Peggy Phelan, and many more. Initiated in the framework of art history (and, to some extent, cultural studies), contemporary Visual Culture Studies incorporate the perspectives from many disciplines including but not limited to philosophy, sociology, psychology and psychoanalysis, architecture, media st

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Filozofija, Znanost o umjetnosti, Obrazovne znanosti (psihologija odgoja i obrazovanja, sociologija obrazovanja, politologija obrazovanja, ekonomika obrazovanja, antropologija obrazovanja, neuroznanost i rano učenje, pedagoške discipline)


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