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Sense of place: Perceptions of permanent and temporary residents in Croatia

Poljanec-Borić, Saša; Wertag, Anja; Šikić, Luka
Sense of place: Perceptions of permanent and temporary residents in Croatia // Tourism : an international interdisciplinary journal, 66 (2018), 2; 177-194 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Sense of place: Perceptions of permanent and temporary residents in Croatia

Poljanec-Borić, Saša ; Wertag, Anja ; Šikić, Luka

Tourism : an international interdisciplinary journal (1332-7461) 66 (2018), 2; 177-194

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Sense of place ; ecosystem services ; second homes ; place attachment ; place dependence ; place rootedness ; temporary and permanent residents ; Croatia

We analyze various aspects of the "sense of place" concept in the littoral municipality of Okrug on the island of Čiovo near Trogir. The basis of our research is the difference in perceptions between permanent and temporary residents upon which we draw conclusions and policy implications. The research is embedded into a wider literature and policy discussion on ecosystem services, second homes and counter-urbanization process in Croatia in particular. Our results show that the "sense of place" construct consists of multiple sub-concepts, which, in turn, have multiple factors. Also, the difference in perception of various sub-concepts of the "sense of place" between permanent and temporary residents has been found. The research confirmed the differences in place attachment and place dependence between permanent and temporary residents. Furthermore, a statistically significant difference in the numbers of second-home owners, who rate themselves as natives and newcomers has been confirmed thus suggesting that place rootedness sub-concept may influence the perception of the "sense of place". The overall results have implications for theoretical debate on the "sense of place" and inform range of domestic policy makers in spatial planning, tourism and regional development.

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Ekonomija, Sociologija, Psihologija


Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

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