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Education for Handling Conflict in the Organisation

Španja, Sanja; Pejaković, Sara
Education for Handling Conflict in the Organisation // Interdiciplinary Management Research XIV, 2018
Opatija, Croatia, 2018. str. 953-968 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), ostalo)

Education for Handling Conflict in the Organisation

Španja, Sanja ; Pejaković, Sara

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), ostalo

Interdiciplinary Management Research XIV, 2018 / - , 2018, 953-968

Interdiciplinary Management Research XIV

Mjesto i datum
Opatija, Croatia, 18. - 20. 5. 2018.

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Conflict, process and organizational culture

The aim of this paper was to contribute to the body of the existing literature, find out the causes, types, effects and strategies on how to manage conflicts in organisations effectively to enhance organisational performance. Every organization is a society in microcosm. Each live their own culture and are tempted to focus on solutions and resolution of the conflicted issues, which may either be suggested or imposed from the authorities in the organisation. Often there is no time to think that maybe will be more helpful, instead, to think in terms of a process that will enable those involved in conflict to arrive at their own solution or find ways of living with the differences within the organizational culture In addition, it is not possible to imagine organizational communication without conflict. Conflicts are something normal in any organization because people have different opinions and among them. It was first believed that conflicts were something that might destroy manager’s authority but studies in the 1970s showed that conflicts could have a positive, as well as a negative side. There is a common agreement that it is very dangerous for an organization to have both too many conflicts, as well as not to have any conflicts. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of management to put in place appropriate strategies on how to minimize conflicts, focused on the process rather than product.

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