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Analysis of the Impact of Transport Corridor Vc on the Port of Ploče

Kos, Serđo; Bakota, Mario; Brčić, David
Analysis of the Impact of Transport Corridor Vc on the Port of Ploče // Promet - Traffic & Transportation, 30 (2018), 4; 465-477 doi:10.7307/ptt.v30i4.2656 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Analysis of the Impact of Transport Corridor Vc on the Port of Ploče

Kos, Serđo ; Bakota, Mario ; Brčić, David

Promet - Traffic & Transportation (0353-5320) 30 (2018), 4; 465-477

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The Port of Ploče ; Cargo flows ; Corridor Vc construction ; BiH territorial cohesion

Importance of the Port of Ploče lies in serving of majority of Bosnian market. However, Pan- European Corridor Vc provides access to a much wider market in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The purpose of this paper is to express views on the future development of the Corridor and its consequential impact on the port. This was conducted by means of analysis, comparison and synthesis of cargo flow data and the dynamics data of the Corridor Vc construction. It covers the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the Republic of Croatia, and the assessment of importance of the Corridor in those countries. Statistical indicators show the importance of the Corridor completion for the successful execution of port development plans. The analysis of the Corridor status lead to current prevailing circumstances in BiH that make its realization ultimately uncertain, especially its railway component. Findings show that the most significant obstacles for successful realization of development plans of port of Ploče are not only within BiH internal geo-political relationship, but in disputable issues between BiH and the Republic of Croatia (RH) as well. Consequently, it has been shown that the Port of Ploče is not able to define and carry out necessary measures toward BiH side on its own, but necessarily with participation of RH Government. The analysis offers observations and recommendations for improving relations with BiH, which would significantly advance the completion of the Corridor in BiH. In this way, it would allow for full affirmation of the Port of Ploče on target markets.

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Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka,
Pomorski fakultet, Split

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