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Glass-based 1-D dielectric microcavities

Chiasera, Alessandro; Scotognella, Francesco; Valligatla, Sreeramulu; Varas, Stefano; Jasieniak, Jacek; Criante, Luigino; Lukowiak, Anna; Ristić, Davor; Gonçalves, Rogeria Rocha; Taccheo, Stefano et al.
Glass-based 1-D dielectric microcavities // Optical Materials, 61 (2016), S1; 11-14 doi:10.1016/j.optmat.2016.04.014 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Glass-based 1-D dielectric microcavities

Chiasera, Alessandro ; Scotognella, Francesco ; Valligatla, Sreeramulu ; Varas, Stefano ; Jasieniak, Jacek ; Criante, Luigino ; Lukowiak, Anna ; Ristić, Davor ; Gonçalves, Rogeria Rocha ; Taccheo, Stefano ; Ivanda, Mile ; Righini, Giancarlo C. ; Ramponi, Roberta ; Martucci, Alessandro ; Ferrari, Maurizio

Optical Materials (0925-3467) 61 (2016), S1; 11-14

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RF sputtering ; 1-D photonic crystal ; nonlinear properties ; Er3+ emission ; broad band filters

We have developed a reliable RF sputtering techniques allowing to fabricate glass-based one dimensional microcavities, with high quality factor. This property is strongly related to the modification of the density of states due to the confinement of the gain medium in a photonic band gap structure. In this short review we present some of the more recent results obtained by our team exploiting these 1D microcavities. In particular we present: (1) Er3+ luminescence enhancement of the 4I13/2 → 4I15/2 transition ; (2) broad band filters based on disordered 1-D photonic structures ; (3) threshold defect-mode lasing action in a hybrid structure.

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Part of special issue: Selected Papers from the 4th International Conference on physics of Optical Materials and Devices ICOM 2015, Budva, Montenegro, AUG 31-SEP 04, 2015.


Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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