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Implementation of project on industrial ecology at University of Mostar

Vučina, Adisa; Pilić, Zora
Implementation of project on industrial ecology at University of Mostar // Proceedings / Musemić, R. ; Šikalo, Š. (ur.).
Sarajevo: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2008. str. 161-167 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), stručni)

Implementation of project on industrial ecology at University of Mostar

Vučina, Adisa ; Pilić, Zora

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), stručni

Proceedings / Musemić, R. ; Šikalo, Š. - Sarajevo : Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2008, 161-167


International Conference, Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development in Higher Education

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Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina, 18-19.12.2008

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Industrial ecology, University of Mostar, Sustainable development

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing, University of Mostar, was a partner in a Project: , , '' Development of Master program in Industrial Ecology in Bosnia and Herzegovina'' (TEMPUS_41059_2005). The goals of this project werw to develop a Bologna-compliant MSc program in Industrial Ecology ; create the Centars of Enveronmental Studies at partner Universities ; retrain teachers of B&H and disseminate the project results. It could be said that these goals are mostly completed at University of Mostar.This Project helped us designing a Bologna-compatibile curriculum (Waste Management, Cleaner Production). We were able to share experiences and best practices with European Universities, KTG Stockholm and UPS, Barcelona. Study visits of our professors to partner Universities (KTH and UPS) werw arranged to acquire experience in menagement of modern European University and International MSc programs in the area of Ecology. The EU members of Project organised constructive seminars on ECTS and Quality Assurance in the participatings EU countries. Master program in Industrial scology has been developed and started at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo in 2008. and is relevant to the labor market, covers environmental problems in B&H and meets requirements of the partner Universities in Sarajevo, Tuzla AND Mostar. To facilitate environmental education at University we got opportunity for purchashing computer equipment and books for Center on environmental studies at our faculty. The plan of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing in Mostar (Waste Management, Cleaner Production, Eco Design, Ecology, Design for Recycling, Protection from Noise and Vibration, etc.) and environmental training courses for different target groups. The role of University of Mostar should be to establish a cooperation between its faculties and partners from industry, economy and local authorities in order to introduce Sustainable development practice in Herzegovina region.

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