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Information Needs and Behavior of Catholic Priests in Croatia

Lacović, Darko; Faletar Tanacković, Sanjica
Information Needs and Behavior of Catholic Priests in Croatia // Journal of Religious & Theological Information, 17 (2018), 3; 81-99 doi:10.1080/10477845.2018.1446702 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Information Needs and Behavior of Catholic Priests in Croatia

Lacović, Darko ; Faletar Tanacković, Sanjica

Journal of Religious & Theological Information (1047-7845) 17 (2018), 3; 81-99

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Information needs, information sources, information behavior, liturgy, care-giving, catholic priests, Croatia

This article presents a segment of the results gathered in a doctoral study that investigated information needs and behavior of Catholic priests in Croatia. The study focused on parish priests in particular and their information needs and behavior in the liturgy and care- giving role. The research was conducted with the help of quantitative and qualitative methodology. Print questionnaires were filled out by 327 respondents, while in the follow-up interviews 20 respondents took part. Research results show that respondents, in the care- giving role and liturgy, require information about theology, general culture, psychology, and pedagogy. More than half of respondents find information for liturgy on religious websites and in their personal parish libraries. However, in their care-giving role they seek information most often from their parishers, members in parish pastoral and economic boards, and from colleagues at their regular meetings organized by the (arch)diocese. Both in liturgy and care-giving role, respondents use religious publications to a much larger degree than secular books, magazines, or newspapers. The respondents explained that in liturgy they consult colleagues and parishers in order to exchange advices and ideas, while in the care-giving role some respondents also prefer to seek an advice from an expert in specific field. The results of this study can help Catholic Church and theological faculties when preparing the information literacy courses for future parish priests.

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Filozofski fakultet, Osijek

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