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Digital holography of graphene oxide paper acoustic membranes

Mitrić, Jelena; Abramović, Denis; Todorović, Dejan; Demoli, Nazif; Spasenović, Marko
Digital holography of graphene oxide paper acoustic membranes // Photonica 2017
Beograd, 2017. str. 128-128 (poster, podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, sažetak, znanstveni)

Digital holography of graphene oxide paper acoustic membranes

Mitrić, Jelena ; Abramović, Denis ; Todorović, Dejan ; Demoli, Nazif ; Spasenović, Marko

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Photonica 2017 / - , 2017, 128-128

Photonica 2017

Mjesto i datum
Beograd, 28.08.-01.09.2017

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Digital holography, graphene, membrane

Foil – like materials became almost unavoidable in industrial technology. Their applications are numerous, starting from protective and adhesive layers, chemical filters to electronic or optoelectronic components. Graphene oxide paper, as one of the most recent foil – like materials is made by assembly of individual graphene – oxide sheets. Its properties are superior compared to other materials when it comes to strength, stiffness and its macroscopic flexibility which make it potentially a good candidate as a new material for vibrating membranes which are primary elements of every condenser microphone, loudspeaker and many other acoustic devices. Here we report vibrating acoustic membranes made of graphene oxide paper. We use digital holography in a quasi – Fourier configuration and time averaging to study the modal structures of the membranes. For comparison, we performed the same holographic measurements on membranes made of Mylar, aluminium, parafilm and different kinds of filter paper. We have found resonance frequencies and shapes of the vibrating modes for every tested material. We also calculated fundamental frequencies for every given material. Graphene oxide paper shows the richest modal behaviour of all tested materials with multiple interesting and complex modes at frequencies between 20 Hz and 5 kHz.

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HRZZ-IP-2014-09-7515 - Holografija i interferometrija u uvjetima niske razine svjetlosti (Nazif Demoli, )

Institut za fiziku, Zagreb