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Transport study of Dirac line node semimetal under high pressure

Novak, Mario; Popčević, Petar; Orbanić, Filip; N. Biliškov, G. Eguchi and Kokanović, Ivan
Transport study of Dirac line node semimetal under high pressure // iumrs-icam2017
Kyoto, 2017. str. 45-45 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Transport study of Dirac line node semimetal under high pressure

Novak, Mario ; Popčević, Petar ; Orbanić, Filip ; N. Biliškov, G. Eguchi and Kokanović, Ivan

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Kyoto, Japan, 25-31.08.2017

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Dirac semimetal

We have investigated electrical transport properties of novel line Dirac node semimetal ZrSiS under high hydrostatic pressure up to 30 kbar. After the discovery of materials with symmetry protected Dirac points realization of new structures which are even more symmetry protected and have more exotic properties was only a matter of time and ZrSiS is one of them. ZrSiS is regarded as a promising new material with a very wide energy window of linear Dirac dispersion and interesting non-symmorphic symmetry protected surface states. Shubnikov de Haas (SdH) and de Haas van Alphen (dHvA) oscillations were investigated. The high frequency bulk channel corresponding to F=240 T (a trivial band) did not show any significant shift on applying the hydrostatic pressure. On the other hand, the low frequency channels (non-trivial) show more significant change in the SdH oscillations with the applied pressure resulting in a shift of the oscillations frequency and emerging and disappearing some of the frequency peaks. ZeSiS monocrystals were synthesized by the vapor transport method. Apart of the hydrostatic pressure, the samples were fully characterized in respect to different current and magnetic field orientations.

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