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How many medical doctors do we need?

Relić, Danko; Božikov, Jadranka
How many medical doctors do we need? // European journal of public health, 26 (2016), Supplement 1; 131-132 doi:10.1093/eurpub/ckw167.061 (međunarodna recenzija, kratko priopcenje, ostalo)

How many medical doctors do we need?

Relić, Danko ; Božikov, Jadranka

European journal of public health (1101-1262) 26 (2016), Supplement 1; 131-132

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Radovi u časopisima, kratko priopcenje, ostalo

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Simulation modeling, human resources for health

Problem European countries have much diversity at cultural, economic and social level and health systems operate independently in each country and even within the European Union (EU) health remains responsibility of member states and only recently circulation of health goods is coming on agenda. Description of the problem Migration of medical doctors (MDs) and nurses from southeast to northwest of Europe was present for decades and became greater than before with the EU enlargement in 2004.Croatia is faced with an exodus of its workforce: since the accession to EU in July 2013, more than 1300 MDs (almost 10%) requested and were handed out certificates in order to work abroad and 400 of them already left their workplaces while many students are ready to work abroad in future. Results Due to overproduction during 1980-ties and surplus of MDs in Croatia, simulation modelling approach was employed within an operational research project started in 1989 with the task to predict needs and supply by the year 2006 and to inform decision making on enrolment policy. It resulted in drop of enrolment quotas in early 1990-ties from about 620 to less than 500 first-year students altogether at all four medical schools. It led to the relative shortage in comparison with EU countries 15 years later when the quotas were reconsidered and elevated to 600 students per year in 2009.

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Jadranka Božikov, (81645)

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