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Training of students for the use and critical evaluation of mobile applications for health

Božikov, Jadranka; Fišter, Kristina; Relic, Danko
Training of students for the use and critical evaluation of mobile applications for health // European journal of public health, 26 (2016), Supplement 1; 270-271 doi:10.1093/eurpub/ckw171.100 (međunarodna recenzija, kratko priopcenje, ostalo)

Training of students for the use and critical evaluation of mobile applications for health

Božikov, Jadranka ; Fišter, Kristina ; Relic, Danko

European journal of public health (1101-1262) 26 (2016), Supplement 1; 270-271

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Radovi u časopisima, kratko priopcenje, ostalo

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Medical education, mhealth, mobile applications

Background Health and social care systems are facing an upsurge in chronic diseases and multi-morbidity as a consequence of population ageing as well as a growing need for supportive tools and practices affording elderly people active and independent living. Mobile applications for health (mHealth apps)undoubtedly carry large potential to improve health and wellbeing through empowerment of patients in taking responsibility for their own health while reducing the evergrowing healthcare costs. Likewise, mHealth apps also hold promise for innovative interventions and health promotion activities targeted at younger generations. Therefore, health professionals and students need to be educated and trained to identify and take into account advantages and limitations of mHealth apps, as well as to recognise the need for evaluation and certification of these applications. Objectives To train medical and nursing students in critical evaluation of mHealth apps in order to prepare them for advising patients about using such tools. Also, to make students aware of the great potential of eHealth apps but also the need for validation and certification. Results Fifth-year medical students were asked to download and test on their smartphone, then report about the features and limitations of different mHealth applications. Similar tasks were given to the Master degree nursing students and first-year medical students. All students proved capable of testing mHealth apps and understanding the need for evaluation, validation and certification. Students successfully presented their findings and evaluation results, as well as critically analysed and discussed features of different mHealth apps during seminars within a Medical Informatics course. Conclusions Testing and evaluating mHealth apps are appropriate tasks for medical and nursing students, both undergraduate and graduate, that enable them to understand the need for validation and certification of such applications.

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