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The Hvar survey for roAp stars. II. Final results

Paunzen, E.; Netopil, M.; Rode-Paunzen, M.; Handler, G.; Božić, Hrvoje
The Hvar survey for roAp stars. II. Final results // Astronomy & astrophysics (Berlin), 575 (2015), A24, 7 doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201425281 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

The Hvar survey for roAp stars. II. Final results

Paunzen, E. ; Netopil, M. ; Rode-Paunzen, M. ; Handler, G. ; Božić, Hrvoje

Astronomy & astrophysics (Berlin) (0004-6361) 575 (2015); A24, 7

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Stars: chemically peculiar, stars: variables: general

Context. The 60 known rapidly oscillating Ap (roAp) stars are excellent laboratories to test pulsation models in the presence of stellar magnetic fields. Our survey is dedicated to search for new group members in the northern hemisphere. Aims. We attempt to increase the number of known chemically peculiar stars that are known to be pulsationally unstable. Methods. About 40 h of new CCD photometric data of 21 roAp candidates, observed at the 1 m Austrian-Croatian Telescope (Hvar Observatory) are presented. We carefully analysed these to search for pulsations in the frequency range of up to 10 mHz. Results. No new roAp star was detected among the observed targets. The distribution of the upper limits for roAp-like variations is similar to that of previoius similar efforts using photomultipliers and comparable telescope sizes. Conclusions. In addition to photometric observations, we need to consolidate spectroscopic information to select suitable targets.

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HRZZ-IP-2013-11-6212 - Promjenjivost Sunca i zvijezda (Bojan Vršnak, )

Geodetski fakultet, Zagreb

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Hrvoje Božić, (96760)

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