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Methods and Tools in Public Health

Methods and Tools in Public Health, Lage: Hans Jacobs, 2010 (prirucnik)

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Methods and Tools in Public Health

Zaletel-Kragelj, Lijana ; Božikov, Jadranka

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Uredničke knjige, prirucnik, ostalo

Hans Jacobs





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public health

This is the sixth out of seven books planned to be published in a series as a support to teachers and trainers in teaching public health in South Eastern Europe. Originally planned to be on the internet platform only, the Forum for Public Health in South Eastern Europe (FPH-SEE) and the MetaNET project as its continuation together with the Hans Jacobs Publishing Company decided later to publish this training material also as hard copy books. The first four books were published with the support of FPH-SEE, and the last two with the support of MetaNET. Both projects are supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD - Deutsche Academic Austauschdienst) with funds from the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, provided by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are proud that this book will be published on the 10th year of the Public Health Network in South Eastern Europe. The book Methods and Tools in Public Health is a collection of 47 teaching modules in 5 chapters written by 53 authors from 11 countries. The teaching modules in this book cover areas of methods of studying population health, special epidemiological methods and methods of public health interventions, methods of planning and evaluation and modules as the supportive tools and technologies. Authors had autonomy in preparation the teaching modules, they were asked to present their own teaching/training materials with the idea to be as practical and lively as possible. The role of editors was to stimulate the authors in writing modules and to collaborate with them in editing the final version of the manuscripts in order to get them as much as possible to the planned format. By preparing and publishing this teaching/training modules authors and editors expect and wish to support and improve public health education and training of public health professionals.

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Methods and Tools in Public Health, Lage: Hans Jacobs, 2010 (prirucnik)
Zaletel-Kragelj, L. & Božikov, J. (ur.) (2010) Methods and Tools in Public Health. Lage, Hans Jacobs.
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