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Protein isolates from flaxseed cake as cell culture media supplement

Slivac, Igor; Logarušić, Marijan; Radošević, Kristina; Gaurina Srček, Višnja
Protein isolates from flaxseed cake as cell culture media supplement // esib/2017
Graz: acib GmbH, 2017. str. 170-170 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Protein isolates from flaxseed cake as cell culture media supplement

Slivac, Igor ; Logarušić, Marijan ; Radošević, Kristina ; Gaurina Srček, Višnja

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Esib/2017 / - Graz : Acib GmbH, 2017, 170-170

European summit of industrial biotechnology

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Graz, Austrija, 14-16. 11. 2017

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Animal cells, protein isolates, medium

Animal cell culture has a great importance in production of recombinant proteins that are used for diagnostic, therapeutic and preparative purposes. For successful maintenance of animal cell culture, it is essential to ensure growth supporting microenvironment. The composition of culture media has a key role in this process, where standardly added animal serum has many drawbacks. To overcome this problem, cell culture experts developed serum-free media where addition of protein hydrolysates, preferably of plant origin, replace serum proteins. Amongst the most promising substances of hydrolysates sources are protein rich by- products of edible oil industry called oil cakes or oil meals. Oil-cakes of flaxseeds contain 30-35% proteins, and as such can be used as a nutritious media supplement for animal cell cultivation. The main objective of the proposed study is to determine the effects of flaxseed oil cake isolates on growth and productivity of CHO-RP cell line that produces recombinant protein. Also, the effects of protein isolates on growth of HEK-293T cell line was studied. Obtained results showed that the addition of protein isolates at concentrations of 0.1 g/L and 0.2 g/L had positive effects on growth and productivity of CHO-RP cells, where concentrations above 1 g/L showed inhibitory effects on both cell lines growth. These preliminary results indicated possible application of protein isolates from flaxseed meals as a beneficial culture media component.

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