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Poultry products enriched with selenium and their impact on health

Kralik, Zlata; Grčević, Manuela
Poultry products enriched with selenium and their impact on health // Macedonian journal of animal science, 7 (2017), 1/2; 75-78 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Poultry products enriched with selenium and their impact on health

Kralik, Zlata ; Grčević, Manuela

Macedonian journal of animal science (1857-6907) 7 (2017), 1/2; 75-78

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Chicken meat ; eggs ; enrichment ; selenium ; health

The paper presents various options of enrichment of poultry products (eggs and meat) with trace element selenium, as well as its impact on human health. Since the eggs and poultry meat are a good sources of protein, amino acids and fatty acids, and their prices are acceptable, they are often used daily in the human diet. By adding selenium in feed, it is possible to increase its content in eggs and muscle tissue of chickens. Regarding the sources of selenium, researchers prefer the organic form of selenium compared to inorganic, because of its better utilization from feed to the body. Addition of organic selenium in feed for animals is important for normal reproductive function (spermatogenesis), better hatchability and better viability of one-day offspring, the oxidative protection of the cells, better immune status of the organism, improved production and quality of eggs and meat. Using poultry products enriched with selenium in human nutrition provides the body with the required amount of selenium and can positively influence the human immune system. Furthermore, the importance of selenium is reflected in its role of catalyst in the production of the active form of thyroid hormone. Selenium is an essential nutrient in response to viral infections and maintenance of reproductive capabilities (better sperm motility and decreased risk of miscarriage). Because of all mentioned, eggs and poultry meat enriched with organic source of selenium have extra nutritional, but also health value for people.

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