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Contribution to the implementation of “Green Port” concept in Croatian seaports

Badurina, Paola; Curkov, Marijan; Dundović, Čedomir
Contribution to the implementation of “Green Port” concept in Croatian seaports // Pomorstvo, 31 (2017), 1; 10-17 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Contribution to the implementation of “Green Port” concept in Croatian seaports

Badurina, Paola ; Curkov, Marijan ; Dundović, Čedomir

Pomorstvo (1332-0718) 31 (2017), 1; 10-17

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Environmental friendly seaports ; Port systems ; Energy efficiency ; Environmental protection ; “Green” port development

The port systems have been identified as major energy consumers. They represent the systems that have difficulty in the adaption of innovative solutions with regard to energy savings and energy efficiency. The most of port systems are using the outdated technology for the measurement of energy consumption and because of the mentioned facts they do not contribute to energy efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable development. On the contrary, seaports are one of the main drivers of the pressure on the environment, especially because of the fact that most of the seaports and terminals are located close to the urban areas (city areas). This paper presents the proposals relevant for the transformation of seaports into environmental friendly ports, based on the “GREEN PORT” DEVELOPMENT project proposal, which is submitted by the Intermodal Transport Cluster (Croatia), on Adriatic-Ionian Programme INTERREG V-B Transnational 2014-2020. Some proposals require advanced technology and resources, while others, such as, thimplementation of the so called model of “Green Port” development do not require any special skills. These proposals represent a small contribution to the great effort to energy efficiency, environment protection and sustainable development.

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Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka

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Čedomir Dundović, (149823)

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