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The Sphinx of Split’s Peristyle

Belamarić, Josip
The Sphinx of Split’s Peristyle, Zagreb: AGM, 2017 (monografija)

The Sphinx of Split’s Peristyle

Belamarić, Josip

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Diocletian ; Diocletian's Palace ; Diocletian’s Egyptian Memorabilia ; sphinxes

Apart from dealing with the sphinx of Split’s Peristyle as an important element in the local imaginarium and a powerful literary motif, this book also analyses its role in the original décor of Diocletian’s Palace. The centre of Diocletian’s Palace – the emperor’s mausoleum, the temples, the Peristyle – its most important part in the symbolical sense, is extensively marked by Egyptian architectural elements (just as the new concept of Diocletian’s autocratic rule was reminiscent of Oriental Hellenistic and even pharaonic rule). The author examines the original location of the many sphinxes that Diocletian had transferred to his Adriatic residence and concludes that the Egyptian sphinx can aid us to move several important issues surrounding the original “concept of the formality and content” of Diocletian’s palace – and especially the issue of the date of its founding – from the impasse they currently find themselves in. The multitude of decorative and plastic parts of Egyptian origin – sphinxes, columns, and other decorative material built into the Palace – point to their having been sent directly to the emperor after the conclusion of his military intervention in Egypt from the autumn of 297 to the autumn of 298 CE. Finally, the author proposes that a “Museum of Diocletian’s Egyptian Memorabilia” be established within the Palace, to emphasise the archaeological, documentary and aesthetic significance of the Egyptian monuments that came here through the will of the all-powerful Illyrian emperor.

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Arhitektura i urbanizam, Povijest umjetnosti


Institut za povijest umjetnosti, Zagreb


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Belamarić, Josip
The Sphinx of Split’s Peristyle, Zagreb: AGM, 2017 (monografija)
Belamarić, J. (2017) The Sphinx of Split’s Peristyle. Zagreb, AGM.
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