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Sport entrepreneurship, education and secondary career

Kovačić, Katja; Petričević, Duje; Čular, Dražen
Sport entrepreneurship, education and secondary career // Acta Kinesiologica, 11 (2017), 2; 67-71 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, ostalo)

Sport entrepreneurship, education and secondary career

Kovačić, Katja ; Petričević, Duje ; Čular, Dražen

Acta Kinesiologica (1840-2976) 11 (2017), 2; 67-71

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, ostalo

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Sportspeople, management, sport organisation

Since Olympians and professional sportspeople exhibit both the social and psychological capital needed for achieving entrepreneurial success, this study aims to determine whether there are needs for educating sports people in economic disciplines, such as management, finances or marketing, so they can be better entrepreneurs when the time for engaging in a secondary career comes. The empirical research carried out consisted of an in-depth interview with an expert sample of 6 professional sportspeople, 5 of them former Olympians who were all awarded Olympic medals based on their extraordinary achievements. Each person also operated and currently is involved within the domain of sports management in his/her secondary career. Professional sportspeople and Olympians are unique because they retire at a relatively young age, with years of productivity still due. Furthermore, they represent a quitespecific population subgroup, equipped with a unique set of skills and competencies, able to provide much to the society at large, once their official careers as sports competitors have ended.

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HRZZ-UIP-2013-11-6524 - Anaerobni kapaciteti u udaračkim borilačkim sportovima (Dražen Čular, )

Kineziološki fakultet, Split

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Dražen Čular, (332580)

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