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Corn snack products improved with defatted pumpkin oilseed cake

Panak Balentić, Jelena; Jozinović, Antun; Ačkar, Đurđica; Babić, Jurislav; Miličević, Borislav; Jokić, Stela; Bilić, Mate; Šubarić, Drago
Corn snack products improved with defatted pumpkin oilseed cake // 31st EFFoST International Conference
Sitges, Španjolska, 2017. P1.101, 1 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Corn snack products improved with defatted pumpkin oilseed cake

Panak Balentić, Jelena ; Jozinović, Antun ; Ačkar, Đurđica ; Babić, Jurislav ; Miličević, Borislav ; Jokić, Stela ; Bilić, Mate ; Šubarić, Drago

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31st EFFoST International Conference / - , 2017

31st EFFoST International Conference

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Sitges, Španjolska, 13.-16.11.2017

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By-products ; pumpkin oilseed cake ; extrusion ; corn snack products

Oilseed cakes are generated as a by-product in the production of oil. They represent a rich source of protein and dietary fibers, so in the recent years started their application in the production of various types of food products, mainly bakery (bread, biscuits, tortillas) and protein supplements. One of the areas where new product development, including application of oilseed cakes, can have large impact is most certainly production of extruded snack products, which are consumed worldwide, by all age-groups from toddlers to seniors. The objective of this research was to increase nutritional value of the extruded corn-based snacks with pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.) oilseed cake, which is defatted by supercritical CO2 extraction. Defatted pumpkin cake (DPC) was added to corn grits in 3, 6 and 9% d. m., and 1% of pectin was added with the aim to produce products with properties of ready-to-eat snacks. Prepared samples with 15% of moisture content were extruded in the laboratory single screw extruder at temperature profile 135/170/170 °C, using a screw with compression ratio 4:1 and die with 4 mm diameter. Obtained extrudates were air-dried overnight, and physical properties of extrudates were determined. The obtained results showed that addition of DPC resulted in decrease of expansion ratio (ER) and increase of bulk density (BD) of obtained snack products. Furthermore, addition of DPC and extrusion process resulted in significant colour change, where the total colour change (ΔE) increased proportionally to the amount of DPC. Extrusion process resulted in the increase of water absorption index (WAI) and water solubility index (WSI). Final conclusion is that the extruded corn snack products were successfully improved with DPC, which is rich in nutritional components, and this can be a good example for development of new products.

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HRZZ-IP-2013-11-1321 - Primjena nusproizvoda prehrambene industrije za razvoj funkcionalnih i okolišno prihvatljivih ekstrudiranih proizvoda i aditiva (Drago Šubarić, )

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