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The impact of corporate income tax on R&D of multinational entities

(University of Innsbruck) Hulya Celebi; Sabina Hodžić
The impact of corporate income tax on R&D of multinational entities // European Financial and Accounting Journal, 12 (2017), 3; 17-31 doi:10.18267/j.efaj.185 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

The impact of corporate income tax on R&D of multinational entities

Hulya Celebi ; Sabina Hodžić

University of Innsbruck

European Financial and Accounting Journal (1802-2197) 12 (2017), 3; 17-31

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Key words: Corporate income tax ; Tax incentives for R&D ; CCCTB ; Separate Entity Approach.

The significant contribution of R&D to economic development and sustainability has been shown by various studies. Therefore, governments offer different fiscal instruments to attract R&D, especially regarding multinational entities (MNEs). One of the fiscal instruments are tax incentives for R&D. Furthermore, the EU has been working on the switch from Separate Entity Approach (SEA) to Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) for longer than a decade, which will lead to harmonized R&D tax allowances, however without harmonizing the tax rates. Hence, this study aims at analyzing how SEA and CCCTB impact the location of MNEs' R&D activities, tax burden and countries' tax revenue through a case study. The results show that, under SEA, tax jurisdictions can stimulate MNEs’ R&D activities by means of attractive tax allowances and lower tax rates. Especially for high-tax countries, the tax allowances represent an important tool for attracting R&D activities. However, under CCCTB, the location of R&D activities additionally depends on the Formula Apportionment (FA) factors of the tax base, where the countries cannot exert a direct influence. Hence, the reduction of tax rates remains the only tool left to Member States, which can lead to revenue loss on the whole.

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Sabina Hodžić, (310785)