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Influence of Barley Sourdough and Vacuum Cooling on Shelf-Life Quality of Partially Baked Bread

Novotni, Dubravka; Vrana Špoljarić, Ivna; Drakula, Saša; Čukelj, Nikolina; Voučko, Bojana; Ščetar, Mario; Galić, Kata; Ćurić, Duška
Influence of Barley Sourdough and Vacuum Cooling on Shelf-Life Quality of Partially Baked Bread // Food technology and biotechnology, 55 (2017), 4; 464-474 doi:10.17113/ftb. (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Influence of Barley Sourdough and Vacuum Cooling on Shelf-Life Quality of Partially Baked Bread

Novotni, Dubravka ; Vrana Špoljarić, Ivna ; Drakula, Saša ; Čukelj, Nikolina ; Voučko, Bojana ; Ščetar, Mario ; Galić, Kata ; Ćurić, Duška

Food technology and biotechnology (1330-9862) 55 (2017), 4; 464-474

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Barley sourdough bread, crumb firmness, Lactobacillus reuteri, modified atmosphere packaging, principal component analysis, vacuum cooling

Driven by the bakery industry urge to satisfy consumers’ demand for fresh, diverse and high quality bakery products, we investigated the influence of barley sourdough and vacuum cooling on shelf-life quality of partially baked bread stored in modified atmosphere packaging at ambient conditions. Barley sourdough was fermented with Lactobacillus reuteri (DSM 20016, F275). Partially baked bread with sourdough was microbiologically acceptable during 30 days of storage while bread without sourdough had detectable moulds at 30th day. Stored breads were rebaked after 1, 8, 15, 22, and 30 days to determine moisture content, physical and sensorial properties. Moisture loss (5 %) was detected on 15th day after which it remained stable until the end of investigated storage period. Nevertheless, textural quality of stored breads continuously declined due to crumb firming. Breads flavour did not change during mould-free storage time. The principal component analysis identified major differences in flavour of sour and control breads, also crumb firmness and moisture content of samples. This study exposes the positiverole of L. reuteri barley sourdough in improving crumb texture for at least 15 days, and ensuring mould and bacteria free partially baked bread for 30 days. Vacuum cooling combined with sourdough improved bread shape, porosity, and reduced acid odour, crust colouring, and crumbliness. Hence, the combination of both approaches can successfully extend shelf-life quality of partially baked bread in modified atmosphere packaging.

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This research was financially supported by the Croatian Science Foundation

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