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Price changing and inventory sharing in supply chain management

Šorić, Kristina; Vojvodić Rosenzweig, Višnja; Kraljević, Jadranka
Price changing and inventory sharing in supply chain management // Croatin Operational Research Review, 8 (2017), 1; 192-192 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Price changing and inventory sharing in supply chain management

Šorić, Kristina ; Vojvodić Rosenzweig, Višnja ; Kraljević, Jadranka

Croatin Operational Research Review (1848-0225) 8 (2017), 1; 192-192

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Supply chain, inventory management, risk saring, optimal control theory
(Supply chain, inventory management, risk sharing, optimal control theory)

The main task of supply cain management is to balance efficienty and effectiveness.Numerous operational management strategies are used to make a supply chain efficient, one such is inventory management.In this paper, we will consider a particular part of a supply chain consisting comprising a manufacturer and retailer with the goal of minimizing associated inventory costs.We will focus on an inventory of final products determined as the difference between supply and demand and are expressed as a functio of price, inflation rate and change in inflation rate resulting in the possible speculations.The manufacturer's inventory cost is a function of these same variables, with the retailer's inventory cost having the same function in addition to te margin.The poblem is formulated as a dynamic game to share the speculation problem.The optimization problems to be solved are optimal control theory problems with objective functions in the form of integral functional with the integrand depending on the state function and is first and second erivative.

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Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb

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