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Use of Virtual Mobility to Facilitate Modern Project-Based NPD Education

Vukašinović, Nikola; Pavković, Neven
Use of Virtual Mobility to Facilitate Modern Project-Based NPD Education // International journal of engineering education, 33 (2017), 6(SIB); 2008-2019 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Use of Virtual Mobility to Facilitate Modern Project-Based NPD Education

Vukašinović, Nikola ; Pavković, Neven

International journal of engineering education (0949-149X) 33 (2017), 6(SIB); 2008-2019

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Project based learning ; new product development ; virtual mobility ; collaborative design process ; distributed design

Virtual mobility and communication over ubiquitous ICT channels is already having a significant share in modern business and industrial activities. Collaboration in dislocated, virtual teams, where team members have never met in person are common, daily-based activities in every larger international corporation. Due to number of various reasons, this is still not a common practice in traditional academic institutions. Large majority of subjects are still taught ex-cathedra as they were decades and centuries ago. While there is still important value in this conservative approach, it is nonetheless important to give students an experience and knowledge necessary for kick-start their careers. In this paper we present an approach for virtual collaboration and mobility in order to facilitate modern dislocated new product development process and demonstrate its value on two cases of industrial projects, which were realised by international and multidisciplinary teams of students from four different European universities.

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S.I. Part B: Promoting Graduates’ Mobility in Engineering Education : Towards Global Engineers


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120-1201829-1828 - Modeli i metode upravljanja znanjem u razvoju proizvoda (Dorian Marjanović, )

Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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Neven Pavković, (184473)

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