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Organic matter and salinity modify cadmium soil (phyto)availability

Filipović, Lana; Romić, Marija; Romić, Davor; Filipović, Vilim; Ondrašek, Gabrijel
Organic matter and salinity modify cadmium soil (phyto)availability // Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 147 (2018), 824-831 doi:10.1016/j.ecoenv.2017.09.041 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Organic matter and salinity modify cadmium soil (phyto)availability

Filipović, Lana ; Romić, Marija ; Romić, Davor ; Filipović, Vilim ; Ondrašek, Gabrijel

Ecotoxicology and environmental safety (0147-6513) 147 (2018); 824-831

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Trace metal ; Complexation ; Speciation ; Bioavailability ; Vicia faba L.

Although Cd availability depends on its total concentration in soil, it is ultimately defined by the processes which control its mobility, transformations and soil solution speciation. Cd mobility between different soil fractions can be significantly affected by certain pedovariables such as soil organic matter (SOM ; over formation of metalorganic complexes) and/or soil salinity (over formation of metal inorganic complexes). Phytoavailable Cd fraction may be described as the proportion of the available Cd in soil which is actually accessible by roots and available for plant uptake. Therefore, in a greenhouse pot experiment Cd availability was observed in the rhizosphere of faba bean exposed to different levels of SOM, NaCl salinity (50 and 100 mM) and Cd contamination (5 and 10 mg kg−1). Cd availability in soil does not linearly follow its total concentration. Still, increasing soil Cd concentration may lead to increased Cd phytoavailability if the proportion of Cd2+ pool in soil solution is enhanced. Reduced Cd (phyto)availability by raised SOM was found, along with increased proportion of Cd-DOC complexes in soil solution. Data suggest decreased Cd soil (phyto)availability with the application of salts. NaCl salinity affected Cd speciation in soil solution by promoting the formation of CdCln2−n complexes. Results possibly suggest that increased Cd mobility in soil does not result in its increased availability if soil adsorption capacity for Cd has not been exceeded. Accordingly, chloro complex possibly operated just as a Cd carrier between different soil fractions and resulted only in transfer between solid phases and not in increased (phyto)availability.

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178-1782221-0350 - Zaslanjivanje tla - dijagnostika, procesi i utjecaj na biljku (Davor Romić, )

Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb

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