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Hidden infrared graphics on a painted canvas

Žiljak, Jana; Tepeš Golubić, Lidija; Jurečić, Denis; Žiljak, Vilko
Hidden infrared graphics on a painted canvas // International Journal of Applied Physics, 2 (2017), 18-23 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Hidden infrared graphics on a painted canvas

Žiljak, Jana ; Tepeš Golubić, Lidija ; Jurečić, Denis ; Žiljak, Vilko

International Journal of Applied Physics (2367-9034) 2 (2017); 18-23

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Infrared painting, VZ prepress separation, dye twins, hidden image, VZ textile dyeing

A hidden graphic has been put on a painted canvas. Innovative printing method is based on color twin pairs that are the same in the visual spectrum but different in the near infrared area. The differentiation of color pairs is being performed with cameras that are all around us with the purpose of “security surveillance”. A dependence of light absorption on the wave length between 400 and 900 nm has been established for each pair of dual dye twins. INFRAREDESIGN® technology advancement respects the original canvas color from the basic textile production. Spectrography has been measured on the colored green canvas that has undergone multiple experiments and they have been expanded to the black canvas. A new mathematical model has been found, as a linear regression of the near infrared Z light absorption dependence on the visual V spectrum. Hidden infrared images of sights in the city of Zagreb are a new way of creating security graphics and creating individualized protected clothing.

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Grafički fakultet, Zagreb,
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