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Role of personal ornaments: Vlakno Cave (Croatia)

Cvitkušić, Barbara; Vujević, Dario
Role of personal ornaments: Vlakno Cave (Croatia) // Holocene Foragers in Europe and Beyond (2015) (znanstveni, prihvaćen)

Role of personal ornaments: Vlakno Cave (Croatia)

Cvitkušić, Barbara ; Vujević, Dario

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Holocene Foragers in Europe and Beyond (2015)

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Early Holocene, body ornaments, material diversity, Eastern Adriatic

In an attempt to understand the culture and social behaviour of Mesolithic populations findings of personal ornaments are of particular importance. Personal ornaments in their formal expressions (marine gastropods and bivalves, freshwater gastropods, modified animal bones and teeth) not only point to the universal idea of decoration and aesthetic sensibility, but also reveal mutual contacts and communication paths. Vlakno Cave on island of Dugi Otok (Croatia) is one of the most prominent Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene sites discovered in Dalmatia recently. Researches have been conducted from 2004 with interruptions, and depth of 5 m has been reached in 2013, to the layers belonging to the Early Epigravettian. Throughout many finds of ornamental assemblage in various strata it is possible to recognize changes in time regarding the type and number of finds. Perforated animal teeth, most of them deer canines, are gradually replaced by marine gastropods and bivalves. So far, almost 400 specimens of body ornaments have been found, along with numerous unperforated marine gastropods as well, making Vlakno Cave one of the richest archaeological sites of personal ornaments on Eastern Adriatic coast.

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