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Redirection of the World Traffic Flow Far East – Europe via the Adriatic Sea

Kos, Serdjo; Vilke, Siniša; Brčić, David
Redirection of the World Traffic Flow Far East – Europe via the Adriatic Sea // Athens Journal of Τechnology & Engineering, 4 (2017), 3; 229-245 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Redirection of the World Traffic Flow Far East – Europe via the Adriatic Sea

Kos, Serdjo ; Vilke, Siniša ; Brčić, David

Athens Journal of Τechnology & Engineering (2241-8237) 4 (2017), 3; 229-245

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World traffic routes ; Far East – Europe Line ; Ports of NAPA ; maritime transportation ; multimodal transport ; sustainability

Natural geographic directions – cargo flows represent the shortest natural traffic route connecting origins and destinations. When redirecting the world's traffic flow, these directions become the most important advantage only when preconditions of provision of competitive technical, technological, organizational and economical services on the specific traffic route are satisfied. The basic aim of the paper is the analytical elaboration and scientifically founded necessity for the redirection of the geotraffic flow from the Far East to Europe. Instead of destination in northern European ports (such as Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Hamburg) – the northern traffic flow, the flow should have to be redirected through the Adriatic sea to the ports of NAPA (North Adriatic Ports Association), that are Ravenna, Venice, Trieste, Koper and Rijeka. This route represents the southern traffic flow. During the research, reference destination in the center of Europe was chosen (Munich, Germany). Conducted analyses and calculation results showed that by the proposed redirection, significant shortening both in sea and land transportation can be achieved. Apart from distance and time thus fuel consumption savings, emissions can be significantly reduced in all related transport branches, especially in maritime transportation. The proposed redirection of elaborated route represents reasonable contribution to sustainable transportation improvements.

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Tehnologija prometa i transport


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