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Hull Structure Analysis and Optimization for Suezmax Tanker -166 000 TDW

Žanić, Vedran; Jančijev, Tomislav; Frank, Darko
Hull Structure Analysis and Optimization for Suezmax Tanker -166 000 TDW, 2001. (elaborat).

Hull Structure Analysis and Optimization for Suezmax Tanker -166 000 TDW

Žanić, Vedran ; Jančijev, Tomislav ; Frank, Darko


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Ostale vrste radova, elaborat


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Suezmax tanker; finite elements; MAESTRO modeling; structural optimization

(A) Objectives of the study are: (1)-Structural optimization for minimal weight of SUEZMAX tanker under DnV requirements. Structure is based on given topology and geometry checked by NAUTICUS software; (2)-The optimization process was performed for 3 prototypes and the sensitivity analysis of ship structural weight with respect to web frame spacing of 3940, 4410 and 5065 mm is carried out. (B) Structural optimization is performed on the 27, 24 and 21 web frame spacings long asymmetric models dominating ship structure scantlings in cargo tanks No 3, 4 and 5. Program MAESTRO is used for optimization. Designer identified 315 design variables in the ships hull and 115 in transverse bulkhead module and has specified min-max and proportionality requirements. (C) 3D FEM model includes 25752 degres of freedom for model capable of solving nonsymetric loadcases. 8632 macroelements and 856 ordinary elements are modeled for response calculation . 6 design loadcases are defined according to DnV at designers request. 497 424 safety checks are performed on each model of web frame spacing. (D) Optimised hull weight of Prototypes 1 and 2 was almost equal and lower 10% than Prototype 3. Prototype 2 has one less web frame per hold and is therefore optimal choice. Structural problems of Prototype (e-mail of Dec..4.2000) of were solved by the optimization process. Most scantlings are blocked on prescribed minimal values. Different materials were checked at designers request. Stiffener (PCSF) and panel (PFLB) buckling were blocking further optimization. (E) Scantlings are given in the following Tables for strakes in hull and transverse bulkhead together with strake numbering.

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb