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Racking Analysis of Livestock Carrier

Žanić, Vedran; Jančijev, Tomislav; Andrić, Jerolim; Frank, Darko
Racking Analysis of Livestock Carrier, 2001. (elaborat).

Racking Analysis of Livestock Carrier

Žanić, Vedran ; Jančijev, Tomislav ; Andrić, Jerolim ; Frank, Darko


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Ostale vrste radova, elaborat


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Livestock carrier; finite elements; MAESTRO modeling;

Faculty of Mech. Eng. and Naval Arch. and Uljanik Shipyard have performed 3D FEM analysis of Yard 428 using MAESTRO software available at University of Zagreb. The coarse-mesh, symmetric, livestock carrier FE model was developed between frames 51 and 176 according to RINA Rules 2000 requirements (Pt B Ch 7, App 1). It simultaneously gives insight into relevant critical areas in the transverse structure caused by the transverse racking induced forces. Ship 3D FEM has 32048 nodes and 22098 macroelements (11580 stiffened panels and 8920 beams, triangles 346, pillars 1252) Loading condition 5 and 6 (departure and arrival) were adjusted to R.I.N.A requirements for racking loads. Pressures were calculated by R.I.N.A Rules 2000 Pt B, Ch 5 Sec 4 case d. All masses (light ship, livestock, etc.) were given corresponding accelerations based on the acceleration vector components calculated from Pt B, Ch 5 Sec 3. Livestock masses were concentrated in mesh nodes of the corresponding decks. Critical areas are clearly identified in global model for Yard 428. Structural modifications ( inserted profiles, e.t.c.) on Yard 428 were analysed and checked. Stress levels were adjusted to R.I.N.A Rules, for normal strength steel Grade A

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb