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The gushing experience : a quick overview

Mastanjević, Kristina; Mastanjević, Krešimir; Krstanović, Vinko
The gushing experience : a quick overview // Beverages, 3 (2017), 2; 25, 11 doi:10.3390/beverages3020025 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

The gushing experience : a quick overview

Mastanjević, Kristina ; Mastanjević, Krešimir ; Krstanović, Vinko

Beverages (2306-5710) 3 (2017), 2; 25, 11

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Gushing ; beer ; hydrophobins

Beer lovers all over the world like to get their drink with a certain volume of stabile foam, which mainly depends on the beer style. However, sometimes this foam comes in form of a sudden, eruptive, and uncontrolled over-foaming (gushing) of beer. Gushing occurs after the bottle has been opened, without previously being treated inappropriately (exposure to high temperatures, shaking, or any other kind of agitation). According to recent scientific and professional literature, gushing may be induced by many factors, but fungal proteins are directly connected to this phenomenon. Gushing caused by fungal proteins—hydrophobins— is called primary gushing, and depends solely on raw material quality. Other reasons for extensive foaming after the bottle has been opened can be of chemical or technological nature in the course of the brewing process. This is called secondary gushing, which can be influenced and reduced by applying good manufacturing practice protocols.

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Biotehnologija, Prehrambena tehnologija


Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet, Osijek

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