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Heterogeneity influence on groundwater age

Galešić, Morena; Gotovac, Hrvoje
Heterogeneity influence on groundwater age // International journal for engineering modelling, 25 (2012), 59-64 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Heterogeneity influence on groundwater age
(Utjecaj heterogenosti na starost podzemnih voda)

Galešić, Morena ; Gotovac, Hrvoje

International journal for engineering modelling (1330-1365) 25 (2012); 59-64

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Groundwater age, Lagrangian approach, random walk particle tracking method, heterogeneity, Monte Carlo simulation, probability distributions of groundwater age

Groundwater age is considered as an important water property and can indicate its quality when water is being used from underground. Insufficient data and measurement in the subsurface has been mitigated by using direct simulation of groundwater age. Numerical model is developed using Lagrangian approach and random walk particle tracking method, where groundwater age is calculated as traveltime of certain particles including the processes of advection and dispersion. For proposed method, flow calculation is the basic input, hence an upgrade has been done to existing software solution in order to get correct groundwater age simulations and continuous velocity fields. Synthetic examples were simulated for homogeneous, layered and for low and medium heterogeneous aquifer systems. For the heterogeneous aquifer system a stochastic analysis has been done using Monte Carlo simulations.The results are given as groundwater age fields. An application is recognized in possibility to estimate the expected groundwater age at certain location of water intake. Therefore, calculated probability assumptions may be used as decision support tool in order to estimate the level of aquifer's auto purification, or to apply certain level of water treatment before usage.

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Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split

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